Once 7 voices on the hit Cartoon Network Anime Series "Dragon Ball Z", Mark "KidWoK" Britten's true roots lie in his standup comedy art form - a skill which he has been actively performing and sharpening at clubs across the U.S. since 1987.  Mark, a native Texan, brings well over 30 popular celebrity, cartoon, and acapella music impressions to each one-hour standup comedy show, that will make you an instant fan!  Although "fan" is not how KidWok likes to refer to his fervent supporters, "You're not a fan, you've become one of my


“He’s a rockstar trapped in a comic’s body, and watching him try to get out will make your little belly hurt from laughter!

--Austin Chronicle

An all-time favorite on The Bob and Tom Radio Show with his impression of "Arnold Schwarzeneggar as Jesus" He's also appeared on NBC's "Last Comic Standing" , iHeartRadio, Sirius/XM, and is on heavy rotation on Pandora Comedy Radio. Die Hard Texas Hold 'Em Poker fans may have also seen him in on VH1’s “Rock N Roll Celebrity Poker Tournament” and on POKERSTARS.NET's  “Million Dollar Challenge.”

In 2009, Mark's show enjoyed a brief run inside the Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino with backing from former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott.  !n 2010, when Vinnie Paul began his world tour with his new band HELLYEAH, Mark returned to touring the comedy club circuit in full force.  In 2016, the producers of "America's Got Talent" placed several calls to the KidWok camp in an effort to secure his talents on their show.  After it was determined that the "America's Got Talent" core target audience (viewers 18 and under) was not the same as the core target audience of "The Greatest Ninja Rock NFN Roll Comedy Show on Earth" (18 and over, mostly WAY over 18!), Mark decided to forego making an appearance on the show. 

Look for Mark "KidWok" Britten at a club or casino near you, as he blazes his own path towards the Las Vegas Strip!

Often politically incorrect and over the edge, you’ll have a difficult time explaining to your friends the SHOW you have  just witnessed!  Get ready to become a Ninja!  And, get ready to “SMELLLLLLL what the WOK is cookin’!”

Mark was the ONLY voice actor to quit DBZ in 2001. He didn't like the fact that the voice actors for DBZ receive ZERO royalties. That's right, it's a regular paying "job!.  WE think "THE WOK" didn't want anyone to think he had a real "job". 

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"Can ya smell what 'THE WOK' is cookin'?!"

KidWok is a skilled poker player.  In 2011, Mark WON a slot on Pokerstars.net's "Million Dollar Challenge" with Daniel Negreanu. He beat out over 600,000 (six hundred thousand) poker players online.  It took over 16 hours of playing online poker in his underwear to accomplish this feat!

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